Weight Loss Tips – Does Gardening Really Help You To Lose Weight?

Tis article is about weight loss tips

I battled with the idea of ​​losing weight. I was constantly looking for weight loss tips. When someone mentioned that gardening really can help you to lose weight, I went, "What? Are you sure?".

Being overweight then (I no longer am), I really did not feel like exercising. The thought of carrying and moving all that extra kilos around was reason enough for me not to get off the couch. But I did want to lose weight and so I started by taking slow walks. Strolling along and enjoying the scenery cave me a good feeling. During my strolls, I used to admire the beautiful gardens in my neighborhood. I decided to give gardening a try only to find out I was losing weight! I will now continue by how gardening can help you lose weight.

Gardening can provide as much exercise as a normal 1 hour workout . Digging, carrying, pulling, pushing, lifting, trimming involve lots of muscle groups in your body. So it helps give you a good overall body workout.Lifting and carrying, strengthen your back muscles, shoulder muscles, thigh and hip muscles. What a wonderful way to workout and get strong, lean and toned muscles. Unlike the mundane repetitive weight- bearing movements you have to do at the gym, gardening beats boredom, because you'll be too busy focusing on the tasks.

What about back injury? To avoid that, you should always warm up and stretch first. This is necessary with any form of exercise. Do a series of stretches and bends like arm swings, knee bends, torso stretches, ham string stretches, etc. Once the muscles have warmed up, start with the lighter tasks before moving on to the heavier ones. Avoid bending over for long periods. I usually sit on a stool and make it a point to get up and stretch from time to time.

Take short 3-5 minute breaks and stretch . Make sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water especially if you are working under the sun. Do not forget gloves, sunblock, insect repellent, and a nice hat when working in your garden.

Weeding is a great stress reliever . It also provides a good workout for your upper back, arm and shoulder muscles. If you do it standing, then your legs will get a workout too. Gripping and pulling out weeds helps loosen joint stiffness of the fingers as well.

As we all know, aerobic exercise help keep our heart and lungs healthy. Gardening also increases aerobic activity and increases metabolism.Higher metabolism increases blood circulation which in turn eliminates toxins. When toxins are released, weight loss takes place.

Gardening is a great option to consider if you want to lose weight. But, as with any form of exercise, make sure to pace yourself and build up to it gradually. In time you will be the proud owner a lovely garden with the added benefit of a slim and toned silhouette.

Written by Isabella M Roy
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Weight-Loss-Tips—Does-Gardening-Really-Help-You-To-Lose-Weight?&id=5214580

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