Top 15 Foods to Eat for Healthy Eyes

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Top 15 Foods to Eat for healthy Eyes
Eye health was very much important to protect
from any risk of disease. With electronic gadgets
all around the place makes eye exhausted quickly

Good foods play crucial
Role to keep eye in
a great health.

1. Cold water fish
Salmon, tuna, sardin
rich omega 3 fatty acid
prevent from dry eyes
protect macular degeneration
even cataracts

2. Spinach , kale, collard green
full of lutein n zaexantin
plant pigment helps stem development of macular degeneration n cataract

3. eggs
vitamins n nutrients in eggs
lutein n vitamin A protect eye from night blindness n dry eye
enhance eye healthy n function

4. whole grains
diet food with low flycemicn index GI will
reduce risk of aging macular degeneration
vitamin E, zinc, and niacin found in whole grains also help
enhance eye health at average

5. citrus fruits n berries
oranges, grape , lemon n berries
are high in vitamin c
helps lower risk of macular degeneration n cataract

6. Nuts
Pistachios, walnuts & almonds
rich in omega-3 fatty acids &
vitamin E that boost eye health

7. Colorful fruits and vegetables
Foodss such as carrots, tomatoes,
bell peppers, strawberries, pumpkin, corn
and cantaloupe
Superb in vitamin A and C.
risk of many eye diseases

8. Legumes
Black-eyed peas, kidney beans, lentils great source of
Bioflavonoids and zinc
Help to protect retina and lower risk of macular degeneration
And cataracts

9. Fish oil, flexseed oil, black current seed oil
Supply omega-3 fatty acids good
For many eye healthy benefits
Avoid risk of dry eye syndrome
Lower risk of macular degeneration and cataracts

10. Sunflower seeds
– Keep eyes healthy and free diseases
– Superb source of Zinc and vitamin E

11. Beef
– Diet lean beef enhance eye healthy
– Absorb vitamin A with Zinc
– Lower risk of aging macular degeneration

12. Oysters
– Great source of zinc
– Enhance poor night vision
– Lower risk of cataracts

13. Diet Food low in Trans-fat and saturated fat
– Olive oil, fish, plant based foods
– help prevent retina diseases

14. Sweet potatoes & Yams
– great source of vitamin A
– advertise healthy vision &
– help improve low light eye sight esp. night time

15. Broccoli
– High in lutein and zaexanthin
– Vitamin C great source
– Lower macular degen and vision loss

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