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The Truth About Lose Weight Diets – Facts and Fallacies

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With obesity on the rise, everyone needs to know the truth about lose weight diets. The fact of the matter is people are getting larger and larger, and the diet industry has marketed many diets that can be harmful to one’s health. The propaganda and marketing strategies that have been set in place have made the diet industry a multi-billion dollar cash cow. Many promise extreme weight loss and the guarantee of their product.

What they don’t tell you is amazing. Fad diets are a crux of the problem with obesity. They deprive your body of macronutrients by focusing on one type of macronutrient such as low fat or low carbohydrate diets. It is imperative to your health to learn the truth about lose weight diets.

The basis of low carbohydrate diets are that carbohydrates are converted to fat and thus, you gain weight. This is a fallacy. Calorie intake and calorie expenditure will determine your weight gain or weight loss unless you may have a hormone irregularity such as thyroid problems. In low carbohydrate diets, it contributes that insulin is what causes your weight gain rather than your calories. Diets that are high in protein can contribute to problems with your kidneys and liver. You will lose weight on a low carb diet, but it is generally water weight and the loss of muscle. The fact of the matter is that crash dieting can cause weight gain due to the fact that most people do not stay on their diet.

The truth about lose weight diets is finding the right diet for you and your lifestyle. Not everyone is the same. The diets that promote moderation and portion control without excluding your intake of nutrients that are vital to your body functioning properly. You should find a diet that you can stick with. The best option is to not diet and eat healthy while maintaining an active lifestyle. This will help moderate your metabolism and keep your body fit and healthy.

The truth about lose weight diets are that you should find one that you can live with and that will work for you and your lifestyle. The key to weight loss is not in the weight loss itself, but the ability to maintain the weight loss.

Written by Jose Barreda
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Truth-About-Lose-Weight-Diets—Facts-and-Fallacies&id=2367777

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