The Diabetic Food Pyramid – A Guide To Healthy Eating

This article is about healthy food choices

If you have discovered that you or someone you love is diabetic, you realize that your view towards your diet needs a change. With just a little bit of work, you'll find that this condition can be deal with easily through the use of tools like the diabetic food pyramid. Much like the regular food pyramid, this structure gives you a way to gauge what kind of food you should eat and in what amounts. Because diet is so important to your health, you'll find that use of this tool will give you a great shorthand way to remember what foods you should have a lot of, and which ones you should pass up without it is a special occasion. Like the regular food pyramid, it gives you an idea of ​​what you should eat and in what amounts.

As you already know, sugar is the largest problem area for diabetics, and to represent this issue, sugar and refined sweets have the top place at the peak of the pyramid. This reflects the fact that sugar should be consumed in only the smallest qualities, if at all. While sugar can be consumed with caution by people with reliably mild cases of diabetes, it should be avoided absolutely by people with moderate or severe cases of this condition.

Similarly, right below sugars, you'll find meat and dairy products. At this level you'll find just about all the foods where you can receive a dose of protein. Although not as detrimental as sugar can be, it should still be taken in moderation. Beneath this level, you'll find fruits and vegetables. Fruits are a great way to get rid of that craving for sweet things while still remaining healthy. Take a look at kiwi and guava fruits, as well as any citrus you can get your hands on.

At the bottom of the diabetic food pyramid, you'll find that it is divided into three equal portions. These three groups should make up the bulk of your diet, and they consist of whole grains, starchy vegetables and beans. These are good ways to keep your body strong and healthy while keeping it away from things that are detrimental to you. While you should always remember all of these food groups play a part in keeping you healthy, also remember that eating the right proportions is important too.

The diabetic food pyramid is one tool that many diabetics use to help them learn about their condition and how to treat it accordingly. Last updated in 2005, this tool has the full support of the American Diabetes Association and the American Diabetic Association. Do yourself a favor and learn about this important tool today.

Written by Ned D'Agostino
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Diabetic-Food-Pyramid—A-Guide-To-Healthy-Eating&id=912168

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