Simple and Easy Weight Loss Tips – Lose That Belly Fat in 3 Ways – Part 3

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Exercise, exercise and exercise; I am tired of people giving advice after advice, like do it 2 hours a day, and you will lose 10 pounds a week, do it 3 hours a day you lose 20. Is not that scary? Doing exercise 3 hours a day, and they call it one of the easy weight loss tips. I would ask what is easy in it? So, I said to myself, enough of this, I will try myself how many hours is necessary. And I found that, just an hour a day for 5 days a week is enough for a gradual and sustained weight loss, which lasts for a long time.

As you may know if you read the earlier parts of the series, I am explaining the three ways for easy weight loss, and I am elaborating one at a time. This part is all about doing exercise in a certain manner. As a reminder these are the three ways I am talking about:

1) Drinking Water and its significance in losing weight.

2) Do not try to avoid Junk Food …

3) The importance of doing exercise in a certain manner.

If you have not read the other two parts, please do read them, I think that I have done a fair enough job to explain those two ways.

So let us start,

The Importance Of Doing Exercise In A Certain Manner ..

All over the internet, experts and all people recommend to exercise a lot to gain that attractive body which does not have a fat in it. However, how much is needed to accomplish this? I will explain you how I do it. First, I create a plan on how much is needed, there is no hard and fast rule for selecting this, but, I would recommend at least half an hour a day if you are planning for an everyday routine and one hours a day if for 5-days a week routine. However, I strongly recommend doing it 5 days a week, with a days' break after every two days.

Now, you will ask me, why is there a days' break, there is a simple and effective reason for it? When we exercise, we give a lot of strain to our muscles, so all of them need a days' rest to build more effectively. So, the first thing is creating a plan. Then, you have to decide what muscles you are going to target each day of the schedule. This is because if you target a single part of muscle the next day that muscle will get a rest.

Now, the most important part, every thirty days change the schedule of what muscle you will target each day of exercise and most importantly find alternative exercises for the same muscle. See, every time you exercise for a certain period of time and for a certain muscle, it gets used to move in the pattern the exercise is done. And after a certain period of time, the muscle would not grow due to the habit it has admitted of moving in a certain way. So change the way the muscle moves, and ultimately grow the muscles.

So, here it is, the third easy weight loss tips, plan a schedule for doing exercise and change it periodically for a better muscle growth.

Written by Kuunal Desshmukh
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