Raw Milk – Should it be Banned or Should We Drink Up?

There is a slowly increasing campaign across the United States, a campaign to find and drink raw milk straight from the cow just as our ancestors did for hundreds of years. People are willing to risk illness and death (so says the FDA) to find this elixir. Demand is booming in a huge way.

Drinkers of this milk praise it for being more healthy and nutritious as well as simply tasting better than its pasteurized and homogenized counterpart. Some drink it strictly for the health benefits, while some simply enjoy the creamy fresh taste. Whatever their reason, many people have jumped on the bandwagon and are clamoring for states to make it legal to buy and sell. Currently it varies from state to state, but few states allow the sale of raw milk to humans, while more allow it to be sold for animal consumption only. At the time of this writing, only 8 states allow sales in stores. Still others ban sales entirely, forcing people who wish to buy to go “underground” in order to purchase.

Other ways people get around the varying laws are to buy a share in a cow and then simply pay a portion of the upkeep of the cow. Since they then technically are part owner of the cow, they may legally drink the milk.

But why make everyone jump through hoops like this? The accepted public health wisdom is this milk is a dangerous source of bacteria, but what is not said is that if it is obtained from a healthy grass-fed cow, the risk is no more than consuming, say, a tomato from your local grocery store. It may be less risky, as a matter of fact. Studies have shown that children who drink raw milk have lower rates of allergies and asthma.

Once people begin to drink real milk and start to experience the huge health benefits, there’s just no going back. The flavor is rich and complex, and the health advantages abound. Those who were lactose intolerant often find they have no problems, digestive issues clear up, energy increases, immune systems strengthen, and people feel overall better. Persons with such things as Crohn’s disease have come forward with testimonials on how unpasteurized milk has alleviated their symptoms completely. Some doctors have praised it as one of the healthiest foods you can consume.

What makes raw milk better? Pasteurization, the process where the milk is heated, kills the beneficial bacteria, healthy enzymes, and proteins. Once these are gone you are drinking “dead” liquid and it is of no benefit, and might actually cause more harm than do any good to those who drink it.

The growing number of advocates of unpasteurized milk simply ask that they be allowed the make their own choices of what foods they will consume.

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