Protein Enriched Food

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High protein food is very important for better body functioning. Due to this doctor always suggest including rich balance foods in your diet to keep yourself healthy in a right way. It not only provide energy to the body but also prepare the body for better immunization system. It also develops strong muscles and nourishes hair, nails, skin etc.

Kinds of protein food:

There are two main types, found in the food we eat:

  1. There are nine essential amino acids present in a complete food. Like eggs, soy, fish, chicken, beef and milk are protein rich foods. The smaller chicken or beef piece can fulfills half of our daily diet intake requirement.
  2. Second are the incomplete diet that contain some amino acids instead of nine. They include beans, vegetables, rice, wheat and grains that contain some foods which are very good for health.

Important point is that by combining some portion of both complete and incomplete foods you can spend a healthy life. Because balanced diet is the first priority to keep healthy. Now the question arises that how much protein is needed to our body? So it is simply depends on weight and age of the person.

Foods high in protein:

  1. Beef is believed to be a main source.
  2. Low fat dairy products are very good source of energy like yogurt, cottage cheese and milk that contains a large amount of protein.
  3. Poultry product and fish meat is the best choices when you are trying to eat high energy food.
  4. Egg is the excellent source of protein. Eggs white is full of protein; moreover you can reduce your fats by eating egg white only.
  5. Finally is the nuts and seeds such as peanuts, cashews, almonds are very good for the protein deficient people.

Overall, complete protein foods should be added in your diet. And when we are talking about complete protein foods, it means that the required proportion of all nine amino acids should be add in your diet plan to keep healthy. Because amino acids are called the building blocks of your body so eating the combination of all protein foods are the best option.

Written by Saira Akhtar
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