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Obesity is at an all time high and some engineers are finding more creative ways to help people lose weight. We are more new machine additions to the gym every day that are based on new technologies and scientific revelations about the body and how it works. The newest movement is based on Acceleration training which is the basic theory that calories are burned and muscle is built to contractions of the muscles in the body. If technology can provide a way to create as many contractions as possible in a short period of time one should see more results faster than with traditional equipment.

Introducing the Power Plate, the new exercise machine that promises lower impact, shorter workouts and more results. Using the accelerated training theory, the Power Plate was designed to utilize vibration and gravity to create instability in the body causing the user to constantly contract muscles to realign themselves; approximately 25 to 50 contractions per second. The makers of the Power Plate provide a number of positions that target certain areas of the body so that users can customize their workouts based on the desire to lose weight and / or build certain muscles.

The Power Plate also has an impressive resume of benefits, like; increased muscle strength and range of motion as well as faster recovery after workouts (ie less pain, soreness). Based on the makers claims, if the user spends as little as 15 minutes 3 times a week on the Power Plate they will "lose weight, increase bone density and improve overall health." Power Plates are slowing making their way into the local gym and personal models may also be purchased online.

Written by Sue Smith
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Power-Plate&id=1679085


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