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What things or vision you imagine when you hear the word "nutrients"? Are you directly referring to the foods that you intake or water your drink? So, nutrients create each molecule that composes our body. They are very essential in our everyday living since that we get our energy from them. Nutrients are divided into two subgroup, we have the micronutrient and the macronutrient. Both of them have different functions in our body that are very essential as we continue to exist as healthy living things.

Micronutrients – these nutrients may be taken in a minimal amount (as proven by the word "micro").

These are considered as our diets. Mostly, these could be found from minerals and variety of vitamins around and they do not give energy. But then, these nutrients must never be taken for granted because they are very important t ensure the proper function of every cell inside our body. Here, there should be a proper intake of foods with the presence of these micronutrients.

Let us have some preview about macronutrients. Macronutrients are found in our large amount diet.

Obviously, they give energy and they are present in foods that consist of fats, carbohydrates and protein.

How to balance your diet?

Choosing from a wide variety of solids (foods) and liquids (drinks) take means you are observing a balance diet. It has also something to do with controlling the maximum intake of fats, sugars, cholesterol and alcohols to give way to essential and needed nutrients to keep your body healthy and fit. Balance diet is also in line with the food pyramid where the bottom (widest) must be in your list of top priority foods. These include foods that provide energy to our body and these are followed by fruits and vegetables. Here, you may also see that sugars and fats are in the top and they should be taken in a minimal amount.

Balance and healthy diet leads to a healthy lifestyle

Yes, it is true that healthy diet has a contribution to a healthy lifestyle. It is very evident that if a person who observes balance in eating could able to live healthily in line with proper exercise. Thus, eating of unbalanced foods may also cause illness to your body as you are growing old. Common illness like stroke, cancer and heart attack may be hereditary but then, foods that were taken before added some complications which worsen these three diseases that cause death. Well, it is very important for us to be aware that balance and healthy diet should be observable not just because of the energy they provide but also minimize the risk of diseases so we can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Written by Ellain Markham
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