New Beginnings – Tips and Advice For Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

Tis article is about healthy weight

If you're going to reach your goal weight, you need to accept that eating healthily and doing more exercise are important habits to keep for life. What's needed is not a quick-fix, but a realistic approach. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is all about making dozens of small choices day-in, day-out, that all add up in helping you lose weight.

The Alli program encourages regular exercise and a well-balanced eating plan where no foods are off limits but it is important to reduce the amount of foods that are high in fat and calories.

Adding clinically proven Alli to reduced calorie, lower-fat diet can help you lose 50 per cent more weight than by dieting alone. So for every two pounds lost through healthy eating alone, Alli could help you lose one more.

Exercise equations

So you can not resist temptation, or sometimes you want a glass of wine (or two!) On a night out. The quickest way to balance out extra calories is by doing more exercise, so find out what will get you back on track.

Cycling vs alcohol

– 15 minutes of cycling equals a 175ml glass of icy cold dry white wine (116 calories)

– One 'slimline' gin and tonic (77 calories) equals 10 minutes of cycling

Walking vs dairy

– 26 minutes of walking uphill at three and a half miles per hour equals 45g of cheddar cheese (185 calories and 15.5g fat)

– 34 minutes of walking in the park equals one chocolate mini roll (136 calories and 6.3g fat)

– 1tsp of single cream (28 calories and 2.8g fat) equals a 7 minute walk

Badminton vs bread

– 15 minutes of badminton equals a single 5cm-wide slice of baguette (108 calories and 1g fat)

Running vs biscuits

– 4 minutes of running at a moderate pace of 10 minutes per mile equals one ginger biscuit (50 calories and 1.7g fat)

Swimming vs a latte

– 1 tall skinny latte (102 calories and 0.2g fat) equals 10 minutes of breaststroke

Crisps vs aerobics

– A 25g bag of baked crisps (97 calories and 2g of fat) equals 14 minutes of aerobics

Written by Peter Dennis
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