Muffins and Your Diet

The following article is about healthy breakfast recipes

You might find them hard to resist. We all do, we know what it's like, we understand. You think you've secretly made it in and out of the cafe to collect your skinny latte when at the last moment; there they are right in front of you as you reach into your purse to pay. You have that familiar feeling of longing, but you know it'd be so wrong would not it? It'd undo all your good work would not it?

But is the odd muffin really so bad? Could something so small and lovely really push you off the wagon completely? Not necessarily. Remember there's a huge variety of muffins to choose from: chocolate, white chocolate, blueberry, banana, cherry, most fruits you care to name actually, not to mention the smaller or low fat options out there.

The first rule to remember when changing your lifestyle is not to impoverish yourself. It's the first thing any self help book worth its salt will tell you: as soon as you tell yourself you're giving something up it instantly becomes even more desirable than it already was, even more tempting. So do not set yourself up for failure. If you like muffins allow yourself one.

Various dieting websites will tell you that mini muffins, providing they're made with low fat milk, can have as few as 100 calories, which really is not very much. To put that into context, that's roughly ten minutes cycling or fifteen minutes walking.

My conclusion is really this: depriving yourself is only going to increase the temptation and set yourself up for failure. Muffins, or whatever your preferred snack, should not be removed completely from your diet. Much better, instead, to choose very carefully from the available options and to up your physical activity.

Written by Jessica L Moss
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Muffins-and-Your-Diet&id=3608669

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