Sugar…can make you fat?

AND fat…can make us skinny?

Whether you are a sweet tooth or just looking for someone to cut through the sugar hype, this talk is for you!

Join clinical herbalist and iridologist Melissa Gearing from MG Herbs to get the inside scoop on all things sugar and your health.

In an interesting and informative way, Mel presents the inside story on sugar (and fat) for you and your family.

In this talk, Mel answers common sugar questions like:

– If the anti-sugar hype is founded in fact?
– What type of sugar is healthiest and unhealthiest?
– Should you be giving fruit as a snack to your kids?
– How much sugar makes a difference and why?
– What is the best natural sweetener to use instead?

And much more!

To purchase the full talk, head over to the MG Herbs website, www.mgherbs.com.au/shop

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