Meals For 2

The following article is about healthy recipes for two

The kids are off to college and it is just the two of you now. Many of the dishes you created over the years are relegated to holidays or family get-togethers. Your new found freedom also changes some of your eating habits since the large meals you made in the past are now overkill for you and your spouse.

Changing your cooking habits to accommodate the two of you is an easy transition. Keep in mind that healthy eating is still important even though you are not feeding the kids anymore. Dietary needs should focus on low cholesterol / low fat dishes that still taste good.

As part of a healthy lifestyle many are utilizing more vegetable based dishes. Reducing meat in your diet will increase your life as you add more fiber, and nutrients while reducing your intake of red meats.

Going with less meat in your diet can decrease your chances of heart disease or cancer and can increase your metabolism which is the right formula for healthy living.

Taking some of the old recipes and making them more vegetable-centric will allow them to become more in line with today's heath conscious mindset. Recipes should consist of less meat, more vegetables, whole grained pastas and bean dishes to create a balance that incorporates a healthy living format.

There are many great cook books and online sites that contain heart healthy recipes you can create in 30 minutes or less. It does not have to complicate to make a nice chicken or vegetable dish that can prove to be a great low fat dinner.

If you are real serious, you can also attend a Cookery or cooking course. These classes are offered everywhere and are a great way to get started down a more heath focused lifestyle. Local community colleges, adult community organizations or full fledged cookery schools offer many courses for focused on heart healthy low cholesterol based styles. Classes can be geared towards crafting awesome dishes with a few simple ingredients that do not require meat as the centerpiece.

Another avenue to consider is a culinary vacation. Create a new experiences in cooking and travel which can be a great way for both of to explore new ideas in the kitchen and have fun too. Some cooking vacations focus on healthy food recipes and techniques and can lead into different parts of the country or even Europe.

Eating healthier can also save a great deal of money when you prepare foods with less processed meat and more fresh vegetables. Studies have shown that using fresher ingredients without meat can actually decrease your food bill so you pay the kids college bills.

Written by Robert Owens
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Meals-For-2&id=2027740

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