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Weight Loss Course - Virtual Gastric Band - Lose Weight Fast

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As seen on Channel 4’s How To Lose Weight Well! and Dr Phil’s ‘The Doctor’s’

Created by: and James Holmes
Hypnotherapists, Presenters Authors & Weight Loss Gurus
Created by: Sue Peckham
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What Will I Learn?

  • Lose weight Naturally. Have a healthy relationship with food. Stop comfort eating and obsessive dieting. Get rid of all their unwanted fat. Become a naturally slim person with healthy eating habits.


  • Students will need to be open minded and have a willingness to make some changes in their relationship with food as they follow the guidelines within this course. Other than that no prior knowledge is needed.
  • Download the Virtual Gastric Band - Lose Weight Fast! on either itunes, Amazon or the Play Store

Target audience

  • This course is for anyone who has a desire to lose weight from a few pounds to anyone who has been advised to lose weight because they are obese or in danger of becoming obese, people who have a medical condition that could be improved if they were to lose weight and anyone who wants to lose weight without dieting. If you wish to become a naturally slimmer, fitter , healthier person then this is the course for you.

Google Books

A Course in Weight Loss

A Course in Weight Loss

Hay House, Inc. 2012

If you are plagued by compulsive patterns of unwise eating, then this book is for you. In A Course in Weight Loss, best-selling author Marianne Williamson addresses the causal root of your weight-loss issues: a place within you where you have subconsciously forgotten your divine perfection. This forgetfulness has confused not only your mind but also your body, making you reach for that which cannot sustain you . . . and reject that which does. As your mind reclaims its spiritual...

How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

Losing weight can be a chore. It can be a lot of work. It can be confusing. It can be just really frustrating and stressful. NO MORE! This course teaches you exactly how to lose weight. You'll get a step-by-step 'hold your hand' approach that is simple, do-able, and most importantly WORKS! Grab A Copy Now!

Grow Hair, Lose Weight, Feel Great!

Grow Hair, Lose Weight, Feel Great!

BookBaby. 2013

Ladies, and Gentlemen, too, if you think you have to take growing bald lying down; I am here to tell you differently! After nine years of experimentation I have found that by combining diet and acupressure you can re-grow and/or grow more hair, and this book will spell it out for you in easy to follow and understand terms. I have done all the work for you. This concept - never before revealed or advertised, which combines diet and acupressure, is one that I discovered myself. It is not...

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