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Leshon Peart

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When you support this Campaign with $25 or more, rewards and Tea Royaal bottles will be sent to your door with much gratitude and appreciation once bottling is complete.

Who Needs Tea Royaal?  
-Busy people who need a convenient delicious organic tea with extraordinary health benefits.  
– I am launching convenience by bypassing the process of having to boil water and steep your tea. It is bottled in a container that can be heated or chilled and ready to sip on the go.  
– Our variety of ready to drink teas can: 1) Support great energy levels 2) Support healthy weight management 3) Support brain cognition and focus 4) Can help you get a good night’s sleep 5) Support healthy blood pressure and blood sugar 6) Support healthy immune system and 7) Support milk production for lactating mothers  
-Flavors range from Peachy Lemon Black Tea, Chai Tea and Hibiscus Green Tea. Each type of tea uses organic loose tea leaves, Erythritol, minerals, vitamins and herbs which are all clinically validated to help you have a healthier body!
To launch Tea Royaal online and in stores nationwide, I need your help to make Tea Royaal on a large scale. When you support this campaign, your well appreciated money will help fund the brewing and bottling of Tea Royaal by the manufacturer.

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