How to gain healthy weight.

Gavyn Berntsen

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A lot of people focus on weight loss but there are people who actually struggle to put weight on.

Being too thin isn’t healthy contrary to what overweight people think.

As you can see it changes depending on your height. This is a very generalist way to determine a healthy weight and doesn’t take into account body composition, Muscle to fat ratio.

So you could be 100kg of pure muscle and very fit and be classed as obese, when in actual fact you wouldn’t have the same health concerns as someone who was 100kg of fat. But for the general population it’s a good guide to your health. Same for a very fit slim person who has a lot of muscle mass but is small, compared to someone who is anorexic and very thin. As stated above the sweet spot is in the middle.

Another which is more accurate is to determine the body fat percentage and this can be done in many ways, but the simplest is using a set of body fat callipers. This method requires you to measure certain sites on the body and measure the thickness of the fat. The total is added up and placed into a chart which give a body fat percentage.
According to the American Council of Exercise the following acceptable body fat ranges are below:

As with anything, extremes of anything aren’t good for us and the answer usually lies in the middle. There are a couple of ways to determining ‘healthy weight’ and the simplest one is the BMI or body mass index. The way to determine your BMI is:

1. divide your weight in kilograms (kg) by your height in metres (m)
2. Then divide the answer by your height again to get your BMI.

A Healthy range would be in the green:
Now you understand how it’s measured and I’ll explain how to add weight if you are underweight.Again calories in vs calories out are will determine your weight, so if you are underweight then it is likely that you aren’t taking in enough calories. This will mean that you will have low energy levels and likely missing out essential nutrients.

The health risks of being underweight are:
 More likely to pick up infections as your immune systems isn’t as strong as it can be.
 You could be missing essential vitamins and minerals.
 If you don’t eat enough calcium then you are at risk of developing osteoporosis as you age.
 You may be lacking Iron which can lead to anaemia.
 If you are female then it can affect your menstrual cycle and even stop periods.

How to put weight on.

As with losing weight there are two ways to do it.

1. Exercise
2. Calories

Muscle weight is as important as fat weight and our body composition (muscle to fat ratio) is very important. The only way to add muscle is through some form of resistance training. The benefits of this style of training are endless. But some of the main benefits are;

 Increase bone density and strength.
 Increase body strength making everyday tasks easier
 Increase range of movement at your joints.
 Improve your metabolism.
 Improved fitness
 Strengthens ligaments and tendons.
 Increase healthy weight
 Improves stamina

Now if you struggle to exercise due to health reasons you may think that resistance training is out of the question because you think that lifting big heavy weights is beyond your ability.

When actual fact resistance to a muscle can be applied by using resistance bands. They are light weight and the resistance is applied when you pull against the band. There are different levels of resistance and you can even do some exercises sitting down, such as pulling and pushing exercises.

Row example https://youtu.be/kj-0S8crpag

Push Example: https://youtu.be/hqsV7ZE2-go

For the full blog head to this link…http://www.startafreshpt.com/gaining-weight-the-healthy-way/

Start Afresh

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