How Much Weight Will I Lose on Medifast? Simple Consumer Reviews of the Medifast Diet

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In this article we are going to take a quick look what what REAL people like you and I are saying about the Medifast diet. The simple truth is that we ALL have questions before starting a new weight loss program, and EVEN with something as well known and popular as Medifast, there are always still questions, right? So if you've got some …. read on as I tackle some of the ones I hear most often! Read on.

Do Most People Lose Weight on Medifast?

According to the company themselves over 1 MILLION people have now lost weight on the program, which is quite a lot of skinnier bodies walking around, do not you think?

How many calories will I eat per day?

Roughly 1000. 5 Meal replacement meals (shakes, soups, bars, etc) and one lean and green meal.

Hmmm … What is the Lean and Green Meal?

The 6th meal is 7 ounces of protein (fish, beef, chicken) and green veggies of your choice.

Are There Choices for Vegetarians? What about Diabetics?

Yes, and yes. Medifast has specially prepared shakes and meals for BOTH!

How much weight will I lose the first month?

Impossible to tell you! But, Medifast creates the program with the expectation that you should be able to lose 20 pounds every 30 days you are on the diet! And those are pretty dramatic numbers I think we'd all agree!

Any other special considerations I need to know?

If you are OVER 65 years of age, you do want to check with your health practitioner before starting ANY new diet, including Medfast! If you are NOT a big fan of structure (or prefer cabbage soup diets) you might want to try something else as well!

Written by Tina Bardo
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