Healthy Recipes for Kids: Superfood Smoothies using Berries & Red Cabbage

The Bejuled Life: Kate & #CrumblyCrew

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This red cabbage smoothie is packed with nutrition! Its a Healthy superfood recipes for kids! Sometimes the color green itself can be quite a turnoff to tiny eyes. Here’s a perfectly purple smoothie blend that contains more antioxidants than some of the best green smoothies out there! Remember, if you want it sweeter, just use vanilla yogurt or a few drops of liquid Stevia! Enjoy watching your kids ingest a power pack of vitamins!
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✦ 2-3 cups frozen pieces of red cabbage
✦ 1 cup frozen blueberries
✦ 1 cup raspberries (frozen or fresh)
✦ 1 frozen banana (peel before freezing)
✦ 1-2 cups yogurt (we love whole milk at our house)
✦ Your Blender

Serves 2-3 so you can enjoy a cup too!

I am a huge advocate for kids healthy eating. I know that perfection is not possible, at least not for me but when I can juice my kids up with superfoods and plant based treats I am all in. Kids will eat how you train them to eat. I learned that with my daughter getting hooked on sugar way too young and I have to work daily to get her unhooked. We all are learning and we all want to keep our kids healthy! The purpose of my channel is to help inspire healthy recipes for kids out of their already favorite snacks. Getting your kids in the kitchen and involved in the process to is aways helpful too. Its really bonding!

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