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Nutritional oils are the key factor of health in today’s food as it contains all energy, that we require in our daily healthy food. They contain most of the important vitamins that not only help us to get delicious food, but also help us to overcome any deficiency in our body. Most of the healthy oils are rich in minerals, so they help us in the digestion process and keep our metabolism strong. Below we will be discussing about some healthy oils along with their benefits.

Today we will be discussing about some nutritional oils along with their benefits with topic: ” Healthy Nutritional oils with uses.”

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1. Canola oil.
The most important nutritional oil is canola oil. It is produced by seeds, but is properly made by using a processing facility through heating and crushing seed. Canola oil is rich in Alpha-linolenic acid, which helps in controlling strokes by stabilizing cholesterol levels.

2. Olive oil.
Olive oil is obtained from olives and it is most commonly used in cooking. It is used in frying or even used in salad dressing. Apart from cooking it has some medical benefits as well. According to a research, it is even used to kill cancer. It helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Moreover, it is also helpful in lowering cholesterol level, hence it control heart disease. Another benefit of olive oil is it helps in controlling blood pressure, and keeping it normal. People who are suffering from diabetes find olive oil really useful as it is rich in carbohydrates, and helps them to control their sugar level.

3. Peanut oil.
Peanut oil is a type of vegetable oil that has been extracted from peanuts. It is basically used to add flavor in the food. Like other oils it also carries a lot of vitamins and one of it is vitamin E. Like olive oil it is also used in lowering cholesterol levels, preventing from heart diseases and stabilizing blood pressure, but it also helps to protect skin. It is also used to make soap and is considered save for massage purpose.

4. Walnut oil.
As compared to olive and peanut oil, walnut oil is not much used in cooking process due its high price, but some home how it is used for seasoning of food. Apart from cooking it is used for different skin problems, for overcoming different infections, for reducing wrinkles and for hair treatments.

5. Sesame oil.
Another important nutrient oil is sesame oil. It is mostly used in some specific recipes. It is used for different cooking purposes like it can be used for deep frying, or stir frying of meats and vegetables. Other benefits include lowering down blood pressure, decreasing lipid peroxidation, used in different skin treatments. According to a research, it is also helpful in fighting against stress and depression as it contains tyrosine, which directly impacts our mood in a positive way.

6. Mustard oil.
Mustard oil is said to be having an ideal fat composition and is very good for deep frying. It is obtained from pressing the seeds than grinding and then mixing them with water. It is used in hair growth more over it also used in different skin treatments and increasing appetite.

7. Sunflower oil.
It is obtained from sunflower seeds, another healthy food. It is said to be very rich in vitamin E due to which it is widely used in making cosmetic products. It helps in strengthening your immune system, protecting asthma and reducing inflammation. As they are rich in sugar, so they are really helpful in boosting energy levels in our body. It is also used in reducing scars and healing wounds, that’s why it is also helpful in different skin treatments.

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