Healthy Foods For Busy People

This article is about healthy food

Rule # 1 for Busy People- Do not allow yourself to get starving. Once you reach that state of "I'm starving," you are going to eat anything and everything in sight. How do you avoid getting starving? Snack on healthy foods through the day. Here's a few tips:

* Keep healthy snacks on your desk such as dried fruit, dry cheerios, unsalted nuts, and even cut-up bagels

* Once you feel that hunger coming on, simply have a handy of your favorite healthy snack and WhAla! You will not be starving anymore- and can easily get back to work.

Rule # 2 for Busy People- Stay hydrated. It's very easy to confuse being hungry with being thirsty. Try this: next time you feel hungry, have an 8-12oz glass of water. How do you feel? Maybe you feel less hungry?

Do not wait until you are thirsty. By that time, you are already dehydrated. Rather, keep your body "lubricated" all day by taking a few more trips to the water fountain and trying to keep bottled water near your desk.

Rule # 3 for Busy People – Know the numbers when dining out. Simply by understanding what you are eating, you can cut back on overall calories, yet still consume the same amount of food. Simply by passing on the high-fat salad dressing, you can save hundreds of calories. Ordering a burger? Skip the fries and enjoy saving a few hundred calories, a few hundred mg of sodium, and a whole lot of fat grams!

Rule # 4 for Busy People – Use commonsense. If you are going to be confined to the office all day with no chance of going out for lunch, be sure to bring a healthy lunch. Otherwise, you will be heading to the snack machine to indulge on a 500 calorie, high-fat snack that your body does not need one bit.

Written by Jeff Hopeck
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Healthy-Foods-For-Busy-People&id=2355660

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