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This article is about healthy food

The growth of an organization is determined by the productivity of their employees. The productivity is achieved when the employee is focussed, healthy and has a positive competitive work environment. A healthy human state leads to low abseteeism and better work quality and output. Employee productivity has a direct tie to company wellbeing and the bottom line. Ensuring employee wellness can be a big return on investment for any business. Thus, companies conduct corporate wellness programs creating a culture of health and wellness in the workplace.

Fatigue, flu, and virals are a very common phenomenon reported at work places. Issues like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol are observed in the vast majority of Indians. Erratic work schedules, long commuting hours, work related stress, financial stress, family responsibilities, unhealthy eating etc. can be responsible for the above health conditions.

A company can really effect a positive change by encouraging healthy eating and more exercise. Companies that show that they care about their employees end up with more engaged and happily employed workers. Providing employees with healthy lunch and snack options, morale boosting activities, fitness classes, relaxation techniques are ways by which a company can work to enhance the eating and lifestyle habits of their employees. Pre-planning and choosing healthy foods and eating them in a timely fashion ensuring a constant form of energy to the body to maintain consistency at work. Nutritious food is the main entity which builds the human immune system. It also prevails one of contracting any form of metabolic diseases. Not to forget some form of physical activity and relaxing techniques that can work holistically to work towards a healthier being.

A holistic corporate wellness program not only helps an employee achieve a healthy and fitter life, it proves that the company is willing to take steps to improve employee's quality of life and happiness. The employee in return is even more motivated than before to work for the company's welfare. He is in a better mind frame to work, analyze, intervene and take action on time.

A nutrition desk at the workplace is another excellent way to promote individual employee health. An experienced nutritionist can work on the specific health goals of the employees. Ie a sports nutritionist for fitness, a therapeutic dietitian to handle an ailment, a dietitian for weight loss etc. Giving employees access to qualified counsels can help alleviate an employee's stress so that they are in a better position to handle personal and work pressures.

Bottom line: A happy, healthy employee is a productive employee.

Written by Arati Shah
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Healthy-Employee,-Productive-Employee&id=9754110

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