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Healthy Diet For Life – Not That Low Carb Diet

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Just before you think that the low carbohydrate diet that is so popular now would save you from getting fatter then you should rethink things for yourself. There is the feeling in some areas of the diet industry that to lose fat you need to get rid of the carbohydrate high food groups in your life. Most of us do not think about these foods being the primary source of energy that we need to maintain our body so we can lead our everyday lives.

Were you aware that this type of diet is only good for temporary weight losses? On the other side these diets can have long term harmful effects on your body. These effects are alarming but should not indicate panic. You just need to restart your diet but do it healthier the next time.

The low carb diet puts you at a higher risk for osteoporosis. Diets high in protein, like that found in animal meat, raises your risk of osteoporosis if you are a woman. It takes the calcium from the bone to counteract the acids that build up in the blood from digesting the large amounts of protein.

The American Institute for Cancer Research reports that any diet in carbs which is also low in fruits whole grains, and vegetables but high in animal proteins increases the risk of acquiring cancer.

Low carb diets encourage your body to take in high fats. Studies have shown that countries with a high fat intake in their diet show an increase in breast cancer rates. Diets with high fiber food are better and would help to gradually increase the risks of breast cancer.

One of the most alarming effects of the low carb high protein diet is the increase in the risk of heart disease. Over consumption of saturated fat is a known risk factor for higher LDL cholesterol, heart disease and stroke.

This misconception should be altered by a new fact that for us to determine how to slim down or lose weight we must look at our metabolism. Our metabolism must be increased to make our body burn the calories and then force us to lose weight and stored body fat. So we must look at different methods to do this such as exercise and calorie shifting to force our body's metabolism to stay high. Low carb diets do not do this.

Also you need to realize that the low carb diet is another diet that is actually starving your body. You are taking away some of the vital nutrients your body needs to survive. I would recommend your looking into a diet that is more reasonable such as the calorie shifting diet I have discussed in other articles.

Remember you need to utilize a safe and healthy diet to maintain your body's systems.

Written by David K. Snyder
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Healthy-Diet-For-Life—Not-That-Low-Carb-Diet&id=711265

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