Free Weight Loss Advice – Your First Six Steps Down Weight Loss Lane

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Life is a grand journey filled with joy, stress, sorrow and everything in between. Sometimes the stress society heaps on your shoulders drops down to your belly and your thighs. You chuck away your slim dreams in the daily struggle to keep up with the Joneses and everyone else's needs. Maybe you just need a good map and a few clear directions to remind you where you were going in the first place! Free weight loss advice is right here, without even having to bother your wallet, which is probably whimpering with today's economic meltdown.

Print out these motivational reminders today and post them in your life. Put the whole list on the fridge, in the bathroom, at work, on the dashboard, on the ceiling, on your mate's back when he, she or it is not looking. They'll soon change your mind, which will change your body, which will change your life. Soon the gross weight of the only vehicle you'll have for the whole journey … your body … will not be gross anymore!

Step # 1: Water, water and more water! Drink at least 8 glasses per day. Cold water makes your body burn calories even faster. Fact is, sometimes you're not really hungry, just thirsty.

Step # 2: Coffee or tea, please. No cream or sugar, thanks. No weight gain without the dairy and sweets, but caffeine dehydrates the body, so back to Step # 1: Water, water and more water!

Step # 3: Smaller plate, smaller portions. Use a salad plate, 2/3 filled with vegetables, 1/3 with protein. If you use a plate big enough for a whole cow, you'll eat the whole cow. The best free weight loss advice is just common sense.

Step # 4: Feast on fiber … the good kind. This does NOT mean stuffing your face with bread, pastas and donuts. Buy fruits, vegetables and whole wheat. Steal nuts from your neighbor's trees. Constipation, be gone!

Step # 5: Choose quality over quantity. You are what you eat. Fresh, healthy foods make you feel fresh and healthy. High-energy foods give you energy. Crash diets make you crash.

Step # 6: Change your mind, change your body. Look into the mirror, tell yourself you're beautiful and on a glorious journey to your goal. Ditch the dull black duds. Wear bright clothing, be happy all day, everyday, and let yourself dream.

Written by Ben Airdunat
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Free-Weight-Loss-Advice—Your-First-Six-Steps-Down-Weight-Loss-Lane&id=2543977

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