Food For The Heart-Mind and Spirit

This article is about healthy food

Developing healthy eating habits is difficult in a society
where overindulgence at fast food restaurants is encouraged.
A hamburger and french fries is considered by many families to
be a nutritious meal.

It is an easy misconception, with the expansive advertising of fast foods.
The television advertising glorifies a visit to the neighborhood fast food
restaurant as a bonding experience for families. The problem is that fast
foods can not substitute for nutrient lean foods that children and adults
require to stay healthy.

Healthy eating habits are required for individuals to obtain maximum health.
There is a high incident of high blood pressure, diabetes is on the rise and
increased diagnosis for heart disease in this country.

These statistics are not meant to scare but to inform.

According to the Eric Slosser in his book "Fast Food Nation",
The typical American consumes approximately three hamburgers
and four orders of french fries every week. Because of the
proliferation of fast foods, families no longer cook at home.
Fast food diets are high in fats and calories and will not
sustain a healthy body.

It is easy to understand why healthy eating habits take a back seat
to the convenience and accessibility of fast food.
And, breaking the fast food addiction is not easy.
But with the health of the family and in fact the
nation at stake, there has to be an awareness
and the adoption of healthy eating as a habit and not a passing fad.

Our Health is At Risk

Although most Americans know about healthy eating and what is
involved, most American families do not follow the guidelines.
Fast food, convenience foods and the stress of daily living
contribute to unhealthy eating habits that contribute to the
higher diagnosis of chronic diseases such as heart disease
cancer and diabetes.

Each time we super size our junk food order, we minimize our
healthy eating habits We like to frequent restaurants that give
hefty portions of potatoes or red meat. The local halls are so
over populated with restaurants and fast food kiosks that we
could eat meals from three cultures spanning ten continents
and still have kiosks to visit.
Everywhere we go, there is food associated with the activity.

But the steady barrage of fast food ads that lure us into theirs
restaurants will not benefit our healthy or the health of our families.
It is easy to fool ourselves and commit to only eating the salads
and yogurt that is now available at the fast food
joints, but it would take a rock solid will to resist the temptation
of that big juicy hamburger and the super sized french fries.

To cement a commitment to healthy eating habits, it is not necessary to
completely forsake the golden arches. However, the number of visit to
the Arches might be curtailed. Increasing nutritional awareness
is the first step towards the developing healthy eating habits.

Making a determination that good food is in and high fat content
as a regular activity is out. There must be a commitment to
choose options for healthier eating habits.

Written by Susanne Myers
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Food-For-The-Heart-Mind-and-Spirit&id=438844

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