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Purchase Product at: http://www.reuseit.com/food-containers/reuseit-fit-and-fresh-healthy-food-to-go-containers-2-piece-set.htm

These travel snack containers help you and your child enjoy healthy, nutritious snacks—anytime, anywhere! The snack container features a handy clip fastener that easily attaches to backpack, lunchbox, or even a gym bag or purse. Because the bottom of this large container can hold up to two cups of food, this food carrier quite comfortably holds even your largest vegetable or lunchtime snacks. Want to pack a waste-free lunch, but can’t get rid of those disposable yogurt or dressing cups? Fit & Fresh has the perfect solution with their small package and easily transportable dipping container. Simply wash it out and reuse this container, rather than throwing away and repurchasing other costly salad dressing or liquid containers. Whether at work, in your child’s lunchbox, or at the next sports practice, Fit & Fresh offers a simple, healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional plastic food storage and transportation options.

• Carabineer on large container clips to backpack or bag for easy transport
• Set includes small dip cup for vegetable dressing or yogurt
• Non-toxic freezable ice pack keeps snacks fresh and cool
• Great for kids and parents on the go

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