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Fat Burning Healthy Ready Meals…

I like to cook, but if I didn’t, could I eat healthily from takeaway meals? I hope so… I took a look to find out.

Here’s a tasty fat burning meal created from Waitrose prepared food section.

Smooth & Velvety Chicken, Bacon & Spinach Mornay

Chicken & Bacon covered in Smooth & Velvety Spinach Mornay, served with Buttery Swede, Carrot & Potato Mash & Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables

It’s a delightful array of meats, vegetables of all colours, and cream and cheese. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals. And best of all, good to your waist line. I’d be very happy to be served this meal…

…Here’s how to serve this fat burning meal

Waitrose easy to cook chicken wrapped in pork belly and topped with mature cheddar and parsley. Remove the plastic film and pop it into the oven. This serves two… it is substantial enough for two men. Ladies, you might want a smaller portion. The best rule of thumb is to use the palm of your hand as a guide. One or two palm size portions per meal are perfect. Half of this pack contains a generous 39g of protein keeping you full for a long time.

Cover your chicken with this smooth & velvety Spinach Mornay. Spinach is one of those special vegetables… it is packed with minerals your body desperately needs and it is highly alkaline. Adding this to your generally acidic meals will balance it out with a serving. Here we have spinach Mornay made with milk, mature Cheddar cheese, Mascarpone cheese, double cream and parsley and thyme. You’ll only need a ¼ of the pack per person, so any excess before cooking can be frozen or simply used the next day.

Accompany your chicken and velvety spinach with this buttery root vegetable mash. This is your high carbohydrate source, so you’ll only need a ¼ of the pack for it to be a fat burning meal. Because it is a mix of Swede, Carrot and Potato it is not as high in carbs as potato alone, while holding an array of vital minerals.

Then serve ½ a pack of roasted Mediterranean vegetables; red onion, courgette, red peppers & yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and roasted in the oven with garlic and basil, to complete your meal.

Why It’s A Fat Burning Healthy Ready Meal…

I was surprised to find such a healthy fat burning meal readily available. It is a low 31g of Energy; 17g from carbohydrates, and 9g are fibre slowing absorption and filling you up. That is a brilliant ratio… more than half of your carbs are fibre with no bird food in sight!

The rest of your energy comes from 14g of fat, of which 6g are healthy un-oxidised saturated fats. This is a nice amount of fat, filling you up and providing much needed fat soluble vitamins, while offering transportation into your body for other fat soluble vitamins from the vegetables.

There is no way you’ll feel hungry after this meal with the fats satisfying your large intestine, a high fibre ratio slowing digestion and a whopping 45g of protein all sending signals to your brain telling you, You Are Full!

This meal is substantially large. One portion is 528g and low energy. It is a weight loss, fat burning meal. Just try buying one of those branded weight loss meals and see if it compares to this. It will not. You’ll get more energy contained in a much smaller quantity; on average, 40g of energy to this 31g, and a standardised 400g boxed meal to this 528g of Smooth & Velvety Chicken, Bacon & Spinach Mornay. Plus this meal provides 45g of protein compared to 20-30g…

…Who said you have to starve yourself to lose weight and look great?!

If weight loss is not your requirement, feel free to add more of the smooth and velvety spinach Mornay and buttery mash, or enjoy a naughty dessert.

I’ll absolutely be buying this for the days I am extremely busy. It will save time preparing a meal and washing pans.

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