Family Dinners – The Surprising Benefits of Eating Together

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Family dinners are a time honored tradition. Here are a few surprises benefits of eating together as a family.

Family Dinners At Home Influence Good Decisions

A surprising benefit to eating together at home is that it lowers the opportunities that your children will make poor choices in the future. If you eat 5 or more meals together a week, it is shown that children are less liking to make bad choices in the areas of smoking, drinking and drug use than children which family does not eat together. It's amazing to think that simply eating together we can prevent such problems for our children. I think the difference is knowing that they belong and are loved and therefore do not have to seek other ways and other things to gain acceptance. What could be more important for the future of our families that kids make good life choices?

Family Dinners at Home for the Conversation

Another benefit to dining together is the conversation that will come from your family together. You would be amazed at how this time will allow your family time to bond, connect, plan and even learn from each other. Sharing each other's day, just having time to talk without interruption will be a unifying experience for the members in your family. This conversation creates a feeling of belonging like nothing else. The feeling of belonging leads to self esteem which leads to greater success in life.

Family Dinners At Home for Health

The American diet has gotten progressively worse in modern times. Obesity is a huge problem in our country. Consuming more fats, fewer fruits and vegetables is not a good way to raise good eaters or healthy people. Studies have shown eating at home your family is more nutritious and people consume healthy meals. Children will eat more vegetables, get more vitamins and nutrients and possibly even drink a glass of milk, rather than soda. When we plan dinners together at home we do not eat as much fried food as is typical when eating at fast food and take out restaurants.

Family Dinners At Home Teach Life Skills

Preparing meals at home teachers our children to become self sufficient, to prepare a healthy meal for themselves and their future families. Many young people do not know the first thing about cooking, yet alone putting a complete, delicious meal on the table. We can encourage good eating habits for a lifetime and into the next generation by having children help us plan and prepare meals. Kids can pick a recipe they'd like to try and even stir batter, chop vegetables (if they are older) and set the table. Letting kids help in the kitchen is just one way to get them involved in cooking and preparing food. When they get to college you will not have to worry so much that they'll starve. You may worry that they are wearing dirty underwear, but laundry is another issue entirely.

Family Dinners At Home for Good Grades

Did you know that eating together as a family has shown to improve grades in school and general academic achievement? It is clear that children from families that eat together do better in school. Why not put the plates on the table, to ensure that your kids do well in school.

Family Dinners At Home Teach Manners

Another benefit to eating together is an opportunity to teach and model table manners. If we do not eat at the same table how will we show our kids how they should have while eating? If children grow up without table manners they may be at a disadvantage in adulthood in a job interview or a business meeting over a meal. Poor table manners can change how their business peers perceive them.

Family Dinners At Home for Adventure

Eating together at home is also a great opportunity to introduce new foods to your children. Trying foods from different cultures and allowing them to experience new foods will be another great benefit to sharing a meal at home. It will also enable you to teach them how to react to new foods and what to do when they do not care for something that has been put before them to eat.

Family Dinners At Home for the Budget

The final benefit to this whole idea is that eating at home is easier on the wallet. Yes, eating at home does indeed save you money. Shopping at local farmer's markets will also cut the cost of groceries substantially. Eating at home is cheaper and although requires a bit more work it may allow you to take the vacation someday that you have always dreamed about.

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Written by Julie Languille
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