Effective Solutions to Winter Weight Gain And How To Lose it

You may be one of those that really put on a lot of weight – pack the pounds on during the winter months. Then you know winter weight gain is the biggest problem you have in your battle to keep your weight under control?

Have you ever asked yourself why it happens to you?
Well actually there are several things that can cause this unsightly weight gain. However, you can take steps to help lessen the chance of putting the extra pounds on.

One of the biggest contributing factors to winter weight gain can be winter boredom. Chances are you decrease your activities during the winter months; especially the outdoor ones. This can be due to the shorter daylight hours.

Recent studies have shown that when physical activities are reduced you tend to get bored. The same studies indicate boredom causes many people to eat more than they normally would. And if you are like so many others you will tend to snack on junk food .

Unfortunately much of today’s comfort food is not good for our overall health much less our waist line. If you must snack out of boredom you should be extremely careful to make sure your snacks are healthy. It would be a good idea to keep veggies, fruits and nuts around. The lower the calorie counts the less chances you will have winter weight gain.

Some scientist place the blame of cold season weight gain on our ancestral blood lines. These same folks think some of your pre-historic relatives may have had to pack on the fat just to stay alive during the cold months. In turn this same need created a desire for food that would add the extra fat quickly and easily. Today we call that loading up on the calories.

Furthermore these scientists also believe your relatives also piled on the extra calories because of the fear of the food spoiling. And of course the food spoilage would cause shortages before the coldest part of the winter was over. The need for survival was to add the fat, just like some animals do for survival.

But you don’t have to let this needling of “Need Food”, “Want Food” control you. A chain around the refrigerator will do just fine; thank you very much. Seriously you can over come this inherited need (if that is what it is) by remembering you live in a warm friendly environment
and the grocery store is just around the corner. Thus you don’t have to eat everything in sight just to stay warm and survive.

But let’s face it; you know darn good and well you tend not to exercise as much during the winter. It’s much easier to come home in the evening and throw yourself down in the recliner and catch some TV time. Well, friend you just compounded your winter weight gain by a
factor of  2 or more.

No matter what else you do you have to get some exercise. If the weather is to bad to go outside and walk, use the stairs in your office building. Go to the gym for lunch instead of to the cafeteria. Do what ever you to do to keep your metabolism up to burn those extra

As you can see there are many things that can cause you to pick-up 2 dress sizes or 2 pant sizes during the winter months. However, if you take some of the steps mentioned above it will help control your winter weight gain and make it easier for summer weight loss.

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