Dieting and Eating Habits

The following article is about healthy diet habits

Healthy dieting is the key to weight loss and the body you desire. Learning and changing eating habits is the first step to a healthier you, and a healthy lifestyle. Dieting means changing your eating habits from the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed. Change what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, and how you eat away from home. I will not exclude that there are real health issues that cause obesity, and treatment is available for those illnesses. Even with illnesses that can cause obesity it is necessary to change eating habits as part of the treatment of the illness.

Changing what you eat is essential to any successful fat loss program. The choices in the foods we ate came from what we were allowed to eat when we were young. For others the changes in eating habits shifted after leaving our parents home. For whatever reason losing weight means making a conscious choice to change the foods you eat.

How much you eat is another habit that many obese people must change. Many obese people never learn to recognize the signal the stomach sends to the brain letting them know the stomach is full. Studies have postulated that in some obese patients, there is no signal from the stomach to the brain. While other obese people never learn to eat at a slower pace allowing food to enter the stomach, and send the signal.

Portion sizes are another habit to change. Consider the size of a piece of meat that is adequate for one meal. The size of meat is equivalent to a deck of cards. The human body really does not need an excess amount of protein based on a daily schedule that does not include building lean muscle.

Healthy dieting requires changing the habit of eating your meals or snacks at the most appropriate times. Dieting requires at the minimum of three meals a day, with the right portions. You can not skip meals, because your metabolism never regulates to burn the calories, and use the nutrients appropriately. The time of day you eat is directly related to our natural internal clock. Your metabolism slows down in late evening at about 9: pm until 5: am the following morning. Our bodies are require a normal sleep time. When we are sleeping, your metabolism slows down requiring fewer calories. Eating during the period of time you must be sleeping causes the bodies metabolism to store added food intake as sugars. The sugars are stored in the body as fat.

How you eat away from home remains a habit that can be very cumbersome. In the fast paced world we live in, we have become accustomed to pulling into the drive through at you favorite burger, or taco place. Many of the fast food restaurant meals are jam packed with sugars, fats, and excessive protein. Scheduling your mealtime when you're on the run is necessary to regulate your metabolism, and to be successful with your diet. Plan your meals a head, pack a healthy lunch or dinner to take with you. Planning a head is a habit that is important to start to be successful with your dieting goals.

Successful dieting starts with learning new habits. Bad habits take time to break, and healthy habits only take 21 days to learn. You can start healthy eating habits, and have lose weight in the process.

Written by Duncan A. Judson
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Dieting-and-Eating-Habits&id=3809084

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