Colon Cleanse Programs and the Best Detox Diets – the Master Cleanse Recipe

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Looking for colon cleanse programs? The best detox diets are the best colon cleansers. The Master Cleanse Recipe is the best of them all!

The world is polluted beyond limits today. We breathe in air which has more carbon dioxide than oxygen. We have food which is sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. Fast food forms a staple diet of many. No wonder people have low energy levels and resistance. Diseases have increased due to the polluted food and water. Fish is infected with mercury and other fatal substances which are dumped in the river by the industries. In such a morbid scenario, there is no surprise that cancer of the colon is on the rise.

The colon is called the drain system of the body. It is this part of the body which deals with the waste and the other harmful by products of digestion. Hence, colon cleanse programs are highly sought after. These best detox diets not only help in cleansing the colon but are effective in weight loss too. Sometimes people put on weight by accumulation of toxins and water retention. These colon cleansing programs help to eliminate these problems and cause an effective weight loss as well.

The toxicity in the colon leads to problems like constipation, piles and many other problems like Candida, diarrhea and Candida.

There are three types of colon cleansing programs

1. medication and fiber based

2. diet and exercise based

3. enema and medication programs

Here we will discuss the most popular of these products:

Here are the top four best detox diets compared:

1. Master Cleanse Recipe

The Master Cleanse Secrets is a program that involves the lemonade maple syrup and cayenne drink that will detox the entire body, flush out toxins, and help you shed unwanted pounds. This is the diet that Beyonce used to lose over 20 lbs in a few weeks and also actor Jared Leto used to lose over 70 pounds.

2. Oxy Powder

This cleanse program is different from the other cleanse programs in the market. This psyllium based compound works on liquefying the stool rather than increasing the bulk of the stool. The Oxy powder is a good product but does not have long term sustainability in cleansing action.

3. Colonix

This colon cleanser may be ruling the market at the moment but it has too many complications associated with it as compared to Bowtrol. This product is increasingly being discarded by people in favor of simpler products.

4. Enuvia

This colon cleansing program consists of taking tablets which are less effective than capsules. Also the process of tablet making kills many nutrients as well

The overall survey reflects that the Master Cleanse Recipe is the best colon cleansing program available in the market. It is safe and effective and has no side effects. Master Cleanse Secrets is truly the best detox diets and will help your body to get rid of all the harmful toxins and give your metabolism a jump start.

Written by Blake Allen
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