Benefits Of A Healthy Diet, Mindfulness Meditation, And Nutrition Testing With Ann Shippy, MD

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Mastering Blood Sugar Podcast

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In today’s interview, Dr. Shippy discusses the most important lab tests that she recommends for patients with diabetes, how to support mitochondrial function to improve energy metabolism, why she recommends the paleo diet for most her patients, the importance of fiber, as well as the importance of magnesium.

Dr. Shippy also talks about the link between environmental toxins, stress, and blood sugar health; and how to begin meditating to decrease the stress response and improve blood sugar.

Key Takeaways:
[:57] All about Dr. Mowll’s guest today, Dr. Ann Shippy.
[3:14] Dr. Mowll reads an iTunes review. Remember, if you leave a review and Dr. Mowll reads it on the podcast he’ll send you the best of the Diabetes Summit on a flash drive.
[4:57] Welcoming Dr. Shippy to the podcast.
[7:00] Some of the testing Dr. Shippy conducts on her patients with dysglycemia or blood sugar problems.
[9:15] What are some of the most common patterns Dr. Shippy sees in patients who are dysglycemia (or in diabetes range.)
[11:12] Does Dr. Shippy use a red blood cell magnesium on a blood test or NutrEval?
[12:34] Is chromium low or “off” in people with blood sugar regulation problems?
[14:22] What does Dr. Shippy see on a NutrEval? Is there anything to indicate mitochondrial dysfunction?
[16:11] How Dr. Shippy feels about dietary choline.
[18:37] Dr. Shippy’s recommended diet for people with type 2 diabetes.
[21:49] Dr. Shippy’s opinions on “starchy” vegetables.
[24:27] Where are most people getting their fiber in a paleo diet?
[26:06] How environmental toxins play a role in diabetes pathogenesis or development of blood sugar problems.
[28:36] How do you know if you’re in a toxic environment?
[29:53] How Dr. Shippy sees stress relating to blood sugar and diabetes.
[33:43] Dr. Shippy’s tips for beginners at meditating.
[34:51] Where to find out more information about Dr. Shippy’s programs and websites.
[35:45] A bonus tip from Dr. Shippy about regulating blood sugar.
[36:20] What concept, quote, or idea encapsulates Dr. Shippy’s work?
[38:59] If Dr. Shippy had a friend or family member that was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, what advice would she give them?
[40:51] If Dr. Shippy was sitting around with the leaders of the world to solve the diabetes epidemic, what would be her advice?

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