A Simple Solution to Fast Food and Obesity in America

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America is the most powerful and richest country on earth. Due to its wealth it has also become the most obese nation on earth with 28% -31% of the population obese in 2003, and 35% -40% by 2009. These are drastic and worrying figures. It has been estimated that by 2040, 70% of the population will be obese. There must be a way to reduce junk food in America.

Why i mentioned obesity is because it is one of the chief factors that contribute to the prevalence of obesity.

During the past 20 years there has been a steady rise in obesity. Americans are getting fatter and fatter each year. It is estimated that one in five Americans are obese. As the health care costs of treating obesity rise some people blame the straight on junk food.

Facing fierce competition for customer loyalty some fast food organizations such as McDonalds and Burger King have promoted their over sized burgers, extra large fries and soda drinks at very low prices just to target low income strapped families who rely on large take out portions that can feed their children and themselves economically.

This leads to wide spread obesity among the population. The portions served by these fast food outlets are far larger than the recommended portion sizes for most foods. As Americans eat more and more frequently they become more accredited to those oversized portions and then think that it is normal. The large portions of these meals lead to weight gain.

It is true that fast food has become a large percentage of American's diet, so it is no wonder that a link has been considered between fast food and obesity.

There is a simple solution. We have just got to cut back on this fast food type of diet. Fast food does not have to be cut out altogether and at all costs.

It just needs to be considered the exception rather than the rule in your families diet choices. You should eat the bulk of your food at home and when you do make sure that you are serving vegetables, fruits, whole grains on everyone's plate. That big mac and fries should be a treat enjoyed on occasion and not the regular on the home menu.

With these few wise choices and an understanding of good health and nutrition, this can be a simple solution to fast food and obesity in America.

Written by CR Akomas
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?A-Simple-Solution-to-Fast-Food-and-Obesity-in-America&id=2306575

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