7 Reasons Why People Are Reluctant to Change Their Eating Habits

This article is about healthy food

According to surveys there are many reasons or excuses people have why they can’t change their diet to help relieve their suffering. I have found this to be they case after 20 years of seeing people at the clinic. As a naturopath it is my job to convince people to change their lifestyle and eating habits and generally we come across resistance, even though deep down most people know it is an important part to recovery and a healthier life.

1 Taste buds rebel According to the research taste is the number one reason, most reluctant to try new things. My mother is a typical example of this, many times after much persuasion she might try something new and actually like it. There are even times when she doesn’t dislike a food enough that she actually continues to consume that food and she eventually likes it. Our taste buds need time to adjust, and we need to be open to new things.

2 All too convenience If it’s not convenient people are reluctant to do it. That is why the food industry has made a huge fortune on “convenience” foods. The answer might be easy foods that are “assembled” so to speak. For instance – a can of beans drained, a bag of fresh pre-prepared mixed salad, fresh herbs, frozen mango defrosted, and a healthy salad dressing, preferably homemade. That doesn’t take long, and is of little effort, so much better than throwing a pizza in the oven.

3 Creatures of Habit People are such creatures of habit, and once you understand it’s just a habit and not necessarily a habit you are attached to. Many old habits are easier to change than you think.

4 Alien It can be very unsettling for some people as they find it hard to step out of their comfort zone.

5 Isn’t it expensive? Healthy eating is perceived by a lot of people as being too expensive for them. This doesn’t have to be the case at all. I have written an article on “healthy eating on a budget”

6 All too much People say it’s all too much, too confusing. So make a list of what you would like to change in your diet. Tackle one aspect at a time. Pick something that is easy to start with. It is much easier to take one step at a time, in bite size pieces so to speak.

7 The thought of deprivation People automatically think of all the foods they will have to give up in order to achieve a healthier diet. So instead of adding more varieties of foods. For instance – maybe you don’t like the idea of giving up your unhealthy breakfast, which you think you surely would have to if you were to go on a healthy diet. Instead eat less of your usual cereal and add loads of nutritious fruits like blue berries, black berries, chopped kiwis, strawberries and dark plums.

Written by Sonia Jones
Original Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?7-Reasons-Why-People-Are-Reluctant-to-Change-Their-Eating-Habits&id=3759408

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